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Meeting Format — Until we can resolve the COVID 19 issue, we will meet via Zoom each month

We normally meet in a woodworking shop where they make bee hives.  These days we are meeting virtually via Zoom but when we start meeting in person again, please bring a folding chair of some kind for the meeting.  See the map below for the meeting site.

The normal format for meetings is as follows:

Gathering and Set-up

When we are able to meet in person, we meet at 8859 Green Valley Drive, Suite #4, Manhattan, KS, on the first Saturday of each month from 9:00 am to about noon. Come any time after 8.  In the meantime, until we are once again able to meet in person, we will meet on Zoom at 8:30 the first Sat of each month.  Contact the president at president@flinthillswoodturners.org for Zoom connectivity information.

Even on Zoom. members are encouraged to come early to take advantage of discussions with fellow woodturners regarding the craft.  We will have have fresh coffee and donuts available when we are able to meet in person again so in the meantime, please bring your own to the Zoom meetings.

Special events held instead of or in addition to a monthly meeting are well advertised at regular meetings, in the newsletter, by special e-mail messages to the membership, and in advance on the web site under Coming Up, found under Regular Monthly Meeting.   Special meetings may include picnics, potlucks, and public woodturning demonstrations.

Show and Tell

Members are encouraged to bring items to show and discuss in which other members may have an interest.  Normally this is a woodturning, however it could be a tool, a jig, or anything else pertaining to woodturning.  Turnings do not have to be a member’s best work or a finished piece.  Even projects which didn’t work are good to bring as we can all learn from them.  If in doubt, bring it – share it.  Even on Zoom, we area able to display our recent work.

Business meeting

Following Show and Tell, we have a short business meeting where we have officer reports, announcements, and other information of interest to the membership.

Demonstration or presentation

Each monthly program covers some aspect of woodturning such as wood selection, lathes, chucks, tools, sharpening, safety, and many different woodturning techniques.   For our January meeting, we will have our fifth virtual meeting via Zoom, this one featuring Larry Randolph, president of the SW Mo. woodturners club.   Each month we have a great demonstration of some kind pertaining to the craft.   Click on Programs above for more info on this demo and other following events.


Info below this sentence really pertains to our in-person meetings which we hope to restart sometime in the spring or maybe early summer 2021.

Silent Auction

FHW sponsors a silent auction of donated wood, tools, and other items at each club meeting.  Members are encouraged to donate items.  Proceeds go into the general fund.

Videotape and DVD Library

FHW has a book and DVD library for use by its members.  There is no fee involved in borrowing library materials but please bring your check-outs back the following month.

Mentor Program

Our mentoring program puts members requesting assistance in furthering their woodturning skills with an experienced member who can provide that assistance.

Skill Enhancement

Once or twice a month, we have Skill Enhancement at Red Oak Hollow Lathe Works.  That is held during the week in the evening from 7pm to 9:30pm.  We will have instructors available to help enhance those skills.  This is usually an “open shop” format but occasionally we will have a focused, or specific, skill on which we will work.   There is a $5 fee if you use any of the equipment.  That goes into the general fund and we use it to buy supplies for our Skill Enhancement sessions.  Go to the current newsletter in the sidebar to see when Skill Enhancement will be this month.

Membership and Dues

Annual membership dues are $35, which includes everyone living in one household.  For more information, contact Peter Dorhout, the club president, at president@flinthillswoodturners.org.  The Flint Hills Woodturners encourages, but does not require, members to join the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).  Members are encouraged to attend the annual AAW national symposium and to participate as volunteers to assist demonstrators whenever possible.