YouTube Channel Highlights

Check out these video highlights of our club activities. Click the button to go to our YouTube channel.

December 2021 Club Demonstration

Photography for Woodturners

Learn how you can take outstanding photos of your finished woodturning creations, as well as how to document the construction of your work, by attending David Delker’s “Photography for Woodturners” interactive remote demonstration. David has enjoyed photography for many years and especially enjoys combining photography with his other favorite hobby, woodturning.

During his presentation you will learn about selecting equipment, camera settings, lighting, and composition as they relate to taking process photos in your workshop and studio photographs of your finished work.

This will be a great presentation to improve your woodturning photographs. The techniques David will cover will improve your general picture-taking skills, as well – regardless of your skill level or budget!


November 2021 Club Demonstration

Segmented Turning

Back to the Basics of woodturning series “Segmented Turning”

September 2021 Club Demonstration

Back to Basics series "Turning a bowl from green wood."

Our “Back to the Basics” series will feature our own Bob Holcombe demonstrating his technique of turning a bowl from green wood.  For many years Bob has used a “once turned “ method of making bowls and he will walk us through this variation on making a bowl.


August 2021 Club Demonstration

Christmas Ornament

It’s never too early to get started on your Christmas items and ornaments are always a great gift to make on the lathe. Tom Shields will be demonstrating how to make another Christmas ornament this year.  Over the past several years, Tom has continued to have a new and exciting ornament to challenge us with.


June 2021 Club Demonstration

Back to Basics series "Sharpening"

Sharpening for woodturners.  There are so many different tools that it can be rather intimidating for those new to the craft.  With bowl gouges, spindle gouges, spindle roughing gouges, skews, parting tools, scrapers, and all, each with its own shape for the duty it performs, it is important to recognize the differences and sharpen accordingly.  Tom will talk about grinders, grinding wheels, and sharpening jigs as well as how to set up the Wolverine Jig, the most common sharpening jig for woodturning tools.  He will demonstrate the difference in tools, talk briefly about their uses, and then how to sharpen each with help from his large set of high speed maple Tom’s Tools which he makes for instructors and demonstrators. 

May 2021 Club Demonstration

Resin Casting

One of our own club members, Steve Hougham, will be giving us a demonstration about the use of resin in your turning. This is a facet of turning that has become increasingly popular.  His demonstration will be geared more towards the how to’s and the necessary equipment and less about how to actually turn the item.


April 2021 Club Demonstration

Back to Basics Series " Spindle Turning"

Spindle turning—Spindle turning, or turning between centers, is a woodturning method

referring to a piece of wood on a wood lathe that is being turned on its center axis.

Steve Bietau will discuss and demonstrate the tools involved and the cuts used for turning spindles.

Tools: Spindle roughing gouge, skew chisel, spindle gouge, detail gouge and misc. other tools.
Cuts used: Remove corners with spindle roughing gouge, planing cut with spindle roughing gouge, roughing with skew, rolling a bead with a skew, rolling a bead w/spindle gouge and coves with spindle gouge.
Practicing: You only get better at turning by turning, time at the lathe is #1, practice blanks and wood and “The Scales & Chords of Spindle Turning” Kip Christensen (American Woodturner Feb 2017)