March 2021 Club Demonstration

 The March demo will be of three items more suitable for woodworkers who also happen to be woodturners but need to produce something with a “round” element.  One is a table leg.  But not just a table leg.  The demo will be about making the second table leg.  The first one is easy.  Make it look like whatever you want.  But the SECOND leg, and the third, and fourth, need to look like the first one.  I’ll show you how to do that.  The next item is a grommet for a cable port in a desk, table, or stereo cabinet.  Does anyone actually still make “stereo cabinets” anymore?  But there are reasons to make grommets to soften the edges of holes through panels so cables are not chafed over time by the sharp edges.  But that is not why I usually make them.  The third item is a rosette.  In many older homes, the trim around doors and windows is not mitered at the corners but butts up against a square block called a rosette, so named because of the round pattern turned in the center of it as a decoration.  If you live in one of those older homes with rosettes in the corners of your window or door frames, you may need to know how to replicate them sometime.  These items aren’t going to make you any money at a craft show but if a neighbor or friend says, “You’re a woodturner!  Can you make me a set of _____________?”,  you’ll know how. 

Tom Boley

February 2021 Demonstration

The February demonstration will be John’s inspired wave bowl. The demonstration is packed with all his tips, tricks, jigs and methods for successfully making a wave bowl. 

John Beaver

January 2021 Demonstration

The demonstration this month will be about turning peppermills. Peppermills make a great gift to family and friends. I find it especially unique as a wedding gift. There are many different peppermill mechanisms available these days. In this demo we’ll talk about some of those options and the ones that I have found reliable over the years. A peppermill does not have to be a difficult project. Actually, once you get past the initial concerns of drilling, it is actually a great beginner project. By the end of this demo, you’ll under-stand that anyone new or experienced can turn a peppermill.

Larry Randolph